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Nature-based Resilient Safe Haven

In times of climate change, posing a threat to both nature and architecture, it is of necessity to design with nature for climate adaptation. Climate change forms also a threat to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is especially vulnerable because large parts of the Netherlands are situated below sea level. It is no question that the Netherlands has to prepare itself for the worst case scenario, namely the disappearance of the whole west of the country. This will result in Dutch climate refugees. Therefore the Netherlands is in need to build resilience.
This project has explored the role of architecture in creating a flood resilient design by adopting a nature based approach. The design has been informed by nature and landscape from the outset, aligning with the approach of nature based solutions. This results in a living complex with a base underneath which allows the water to come but at the same time provides a safe place for refugees that will arrive in the future. Through adaptivity and flexibility the architecture responds to the changes in the climate and the need of the people.

Student: Lisa Warffemius
Supervisors: Juliette Bekkering, Irene Curulli, Sergio M. Figueiredo, Mark Hemel

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