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2019 - 2021

Agora: As a Design Medium to Introduce Biophilia in Dementia Care Settings

The project Agora aims to examine the ways in which biophilic design can promote healthy and active aging within dementia care facilities. Due to the rising numbers of senior population and the increased need for dementia care globally, innovative design approaches of dementia care facilities are necessary. Biophilic design has captured increasing attention as a design philosophy lately since it plays a crucial role promoting multiple restorative benefits to this target group.

In fact, experiencing nature through various stimuli and engaging in nature-related activities offers several physical, mental, and psychological benefits that would be helpful for seniors with dementia. The importance of sensory stimulation is highlighted for the mitigation of certain dementia symptoms, thus the biophilic design strategies proposed are related to the different types of sensory stimulation they evoke to seniors. Overall, biophilic, sensory and experiential design is introduced to provide an innovative design approach in dementia care.

Student: Eirini Kalampoka

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