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2019 - 2021

BEYOND THE RIVER: Designing for Antwerp

The urban design seeks to give shape to Linkeroever as an integral component of the city of Antwerp, a worthy counterpart to the right bank (Rechteroever) in the city’s radial-concentric configuration. Linkeroever is the most appropriate part of Antwerp to accommodate the city’s projected growth. Located on the west side of the river Scheldt, this area is not perceived at present as an integral component of Antwerp’s urban structure. The development of Linkeroever proceeds from growth lines in the city. Design constructs at both macro and micro scales an urban fabric characteristic of Antwerp, from Urban Form to Urban Tissue, based on rules of form and design that can be found or felt in the city. The project also pursues larger urban issues such as the city centre and inner and outer ring roads, bringing greater vibrancy and urbanity to Linkeroever.

Students: Nick van Garderen

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