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Beyond the River

ARCHIPRIX 2019 – 2021 BEYOND THE RIVER: Designing for Antwerp The urban design seeks to give shape to Linkeroever as an integral component of the city of Antwerp, a worthy counterpart to the right bank (Rechteroever) in the city’s radial-concentric configuration. LinkeroeverBeyond the River


ARCHIPRIX 2019 – 2021 INCOMPIUTO: from shame to identity The word INCOMPIUTO represents buildings, infrastructure, and pieces of architecture that have never been completed. In Italy, the INCOMPIUTO are countless and its density increases drastically in the South of Italy,Imcompiuto

The Longhouse Kit

ARCHIPRIX 2019 – 2021 The Longhouse Kit European settler arrival unbalanced harmonious Indigenous peoples of Canada way of living. Although Indigenous spirit is still alive – Aboriginals perform traditional rituals, have strong connection with their lands – they are hurt.The Longhouse Kit

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