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DIGITAL MEDIA Bachelor Course | 2022-2023 Portfolio Design This assignment is about creating a Portfolio representing the information in an organized and effective way using consistent colours, textures, infographics. Students designed individual Digital Booklet considering graphic design elements discussed inPORTFOLIO


DIGITAL MEDIA Bachelor Course | 2020 – 2021 Poster Design (of Handdrawings and Digital Media) This assignment is about creating a single page Poster aiming to practice all discussed considerations of Graphic Design elements in this course. In this assignment,POSTER

Infographics | Map

This assignment is about designing a Map showing the exact location of the individual House design, both the ground floor and its surroundings. Within this assignment, students gained an understanding of designing vector graphics and understanding its advantages since it enables working with architectural dimensions easily (based on mathematical constructs). Also, using consistent colours, textures, and relevant infographics were discussed and encouraged. … Infographics | Map

Motion Graphics

DIGITAL MEDIA Bachelor Course | 2022 – 2023 Motion Info/graphics This assignment is about creating a motion infographic. The aim is to encourage students to be creative in design a collage work with a unique storyline by manipulating and placingMotion Graphics

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