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Circular Building

ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Master Course | 2020 – 2021 Circular Building The redesign process started with researching circular materials and demountable structures. Based on this, eco-friendly materials and reversible construction methods were integrated into the design. For instance, the original steelCircular Building

Landmark Nieuw Bergen

Landmark Nieuw Bergen, by Monadnock
Jim Vereijken | Bob van der Vleugel | Brent Wiebes | Peter de Wijs

Landmark Nieuw Bergen gives the traditions, customs, building methods and its locality a proper expression. The redesign illustrates how traditional construction, combined with modern materials and techniques, has potential to make our built environment characteristic and more sustainable.
Durability and separability of wasteflows count as the most important starting points for the redesign proposal. The Scale, Mass and Ambiguity have been respected in the new proposal by creating strong visual resemblance to the original building, while searching for the ambiguities in traditional half-timbered house construction and innovative hempcrete materialization.
The resulting Landmark showcases innovation with respect for traditions. … Landmark Nieuw Bergen


Jeffrey Tsang
Emma Schoonhoven
Bram Reijrink

Name of the building: Keyserkerk-Keyserin
Architectural firm: BiermanHenket Architecten
(Reponsible) Architects: Janneke Bierman, Joep van As
Completion: 2012
Location: Middenbeemster

The Keyserin is an extension to the Keyserkerk with collective functions. The building is designed with a lot of attention to the detailing of every corner. The core quality of the existing design is in the three layers; a massive plinth, a transparent layer and a strong roof volume.
The challenge in our redesign is to recreate the building in a way that the materials used can be re-used with a different function. The basement consists of modular blocks that can be directly reused for infrastructure projects and the bio based materials in agriculture. The implemented modular systems are reusable in the built environment.
This project shows that circular designing produce the same architectural values and even create interesting architectural expressions with less materials.

Patiowoning Utrecht

Building: Patiowoning Utrecht
Architect: Marcel Martensen Architecten
Redesign: Kevin Pulles, Lynn Rietveld, Folkert Sevenster, Bruce Verdonschot
Within this project, a redesign of the corner detail of the patio was the main focus. Here old meets new in a calm and respectful manner. Two themes were important: reuse and Design for Disassembly (DfD). Reuse was done on a regional level via a harvest map (frames and wooden elements) and on a building scale via materials of to-be-demolished extensions to the building (large structural elements). For cladding textiles were chosen from a DfD point of view: Easily removed to inspect the underlying details. In the end a similar architectural expression was achieved as envisioned by the architect. … Patiowoning Utrecht


This design is focused on maintaining the unique characteristics of EENWERK, while proving that a simple renewed design can also benefit both nature and the construction. With CLT and natural insulators and claddings, the building can provide as much intricacy as it does now, yet still be an all-natural construction. … EENWERK

Youth Centre

ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Master Course | 2020 – 2021 Youth Centre We studied the Youth Centre (2011) in Amsterdam, conceived by Atelier Kempe Thill. The limited budget played a critical role, guiding many design decisions for this multifunctional community center.For itsYouth Centre

Art Gallery

ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Master Course | 2020 – 2021 Art gallery This art gallery and events space features a unique shape, inspired by traditional barn buildings. The 3 large roofs supported by impressive wooden trusses provide a light and calming space,Art Gallery

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