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2019 - 2021

Concealed Arcadia

The Dutch countryside is in dire need of change. As the age of hypermodernity is upon us, one is ought to question the influence and effect of the virtual on Men. By means of an overwhelming presence of tools and instruments, Men is affected in its essence and the current city- and thus land- scape offer little empathy to societal issues. Here, the Dutch devotion to agriculture and its position within the global market economy poses to be a catalysator of complex issues. Men and nature currently share the same diminishing void. Therefore, a masterplan is proposed for a new form of agriculture which contributes, as opposed to colonizes, space and places in the reinvigoration of the relation between the city and its surrounding landscape. What is revealed is both a lost and yet new kind of landscape outside the city which is relieved from the agricultural burden: Concealed Arcadia.

Students: Tijmen Engelkes

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