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2019 - 2021

From Baan to Boulevard

focuses on the infrastructural and programmatic problems regarding the process of ribbonization in the 20th century belt around the Ring of Antwerp. This ribbonization, which can be described as the development of built lintels along existing infrastructure, influenced the urban expansion of Antwerp and Flanders to a large extent. 

By transforming the urban model from a radial into a radial concentric city model, the role of the radial ribbons can change from infrastructural borders (the ‘’Baan’’) into connecting urban arteries (the ‘’Boulevards’’). The Boomsesteenweg in the south of Antwerp is exemplary for the consequences of ribbonization along large scale car-oriented infrastructure, resulting in a monofunctional large scale retail program along a congested traffic artery.

The proposed transformation of the Boomsesteenweg at an urban and architectural level aimed to cover these problems by implementing a less car-oriented mobility strategy and introducing a mixed-use program where housing, public functions and retail are combined.

Student: Dennis Aalbersberg

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