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2019 - 2021

TRA CITTA E FIUME: Continuing Giuseppe Poggi's Urban System Through the City

It is a thing of the 21st century to improve the relationship between the city and its river. Cities like Paris, Madrid and Ljubljana have in recent history bridged the distance that was created by wide car roads. The Tuscan capital of Florence suffered the same faith, which is why the goal of the project is to improve the relation between the city and the river Arno. The tool that was used to do this is the last urban system imposed on Florence, that of Giuseppe Poggi in the 19th century.

By examining the “routes” he designed to transform Florence into the capital of Italy, a step-by-step approach was used to generate a new one: an extensive location analysis uncovered existing monuments, which were then used as hook up points on either side of the river. In between, different interventions like a bridge, a palazzo, a riverbank restoration and a piazza with tower and loggia provide a typically Florentine solution to a 21st century urban issue.

Students: Puck ten Hoope

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