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Liberi di Scegliere: A new place for children from the Calabrian crime families

A life of crime, violence, and a likely early grave. This is the certain future for children growing up in the mafia-families belonging to the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta. From the moment they are born these children are unknowingly sucked into a scripted and submissive life, which they can only escape by being completely displaced from their social environment. The transformation of the old and abandoned prison in Perugia -central Italy- provides the children with a safe place to develop their own identity and reintegrate with the local population. Through the concept of reversal of mass, the old prison building is hollowed out to function as outdoor space, while the old courtyards of the prison become the new built-up mass. This transformation provides the old prison with a new face and identity, while the implemented program guides the children step by step through their rehabilitation process. 

Student: Noud Bruins Slot

Tutors: David Gianotten, Maarten Willems, Jan Schevers

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