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Master Project | 2021 - 2022

Multiple Element

The urban plan of the plot consists of multiple element. The main element is the parking garage that is located on the north side of the plot. This parking garage forms the base for the two student housing towers that are placed on top of it. The roof of the parking garage is a roof garden which connects the south side of the urban plan with the canal, furthermore it also acts as a recreational area for the residents of the two student housing towers. To create as much fa├žade area as possible a void has been made in the student housing block. This voids resembles the taking apart of the student housing block, revealing the structural setup of the building. The urban plan further makes room for a primary school, a restaurant, gym and kindergarten. It connects all those elements through the use of greenery and water.

Student: Tom de Jong

Tutor: Jan Schevers

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