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In recent years, the topic of nature and architecture has become a hot topic: we see ever expanding greenery lining fa├žades and growing into the interiors of buildings, such as in CaixaForum by Herzog De Meuron, the Valley by MVRDV or the Bosco Verticale by Stefano Boeri, ranging from a purely decorative function to an essential part of the architecture. Greenwashing? Or essential for biodiversity and well-being?

In this seminar, students focused on how nature can be integrated into the built environment in a sensible way and how our cities can transform into green environments. They analysed various projects in which nature and architecture have been interwoven (biophilic architecture) and drew up a sample of design principles of how nature can be integrated into architecture. The outcome of this seminar was publised in Urban Nature Based Solutions conference. 

Students: Jeroen Bothmer, Bart Hendriks, Aroy Jaarsma, Tanja van der Voort, Akke Wagenaar 
Supervisors: Juliette Bekkering, Weije Zhong

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