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Nature's Mine

As repeatedly reported in the news, nature is under tremendous pressure. One major aspect is biodiversity, which is decreasing due to human activity. Architecture has a vital role in causing this decreasing biodiversity through space and (fossil) materials. Architecture can increase awareness of the importance of nature and its ecosystems by applying locally extracted materials and visualizing the consequences in the landscape. The use of local materials gives a strong relationship with the landscape in which it is located. To connect with the surroundings biodiversity should also be included in the design.
Based on this theoretical base, a design is created for a pathway of awareness through a human-damaged landscape, the ENCI quarry in Maastricht. Connected to the pathway, three types of hiker huts are designed. The relationship to the environment is of great importance here. By applying local materials and allowing local biodiversity into the buildings, humans harmoniously adapt to the surrounding environment.

Student: Jordy van Gorkum
Supervisors: Juliette Bekkering, Irene Curulli, Sergio M. Figueiredo, Mark Hemel

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