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Orthodontiepraktijk Wijchen

designed by Studio Prototype revolves around the concept of providing a ‘sculptural experience to the patients’ with a simple material palette that compliments the design experience. Considering the negative environment impact due to the raising carbon footprint, there arises a need for constructing more circular buildings. Accordingly, the existing structure of Ortho Wijchen does not yield complete justice in reducing the carbon footprint paving way for circular deconstruction. Retaining the sculptural effect as the major focal point, the new concept revolves around incorporating CLT as the primary material. While the existing structure offers sophisticated interiors hiding the structural system, the new design targets in establishing the same experience by exposing the CLT structure, resulting in creating a structural prototype.

Students: Lukas Hop, Liroy Kamperman, Srilekha Iyyappan, Syun Kyung Lee 
Lecturer: Jan Schevers

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