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Stadspoort Landbouw

The existing design of Stadspoort Landbouw is already per¬forming very high on many different aspects. From the sustainability analysis it can be concluded that the selection of materials, durability and demountability played a large role in the concept of the buil¬ding. The aim of the building was to be durable, and the design resulted from this process.
The main goal for the proposed redesign is to gain a higher material efficiency, while finding a balance between sustainable and architectural arguments. Increasing the material efficiency will lead to a reduction of waste materials. In the end, it turned out that not only demountability had an influence on the architectural qualities, but also material efficiency.

Students: Aleksandra Klawikowska, Jorn J.R. van Herten, Karim Jaspers, Maartje B. de Kleijn
Lecturer: Jan Schevers

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