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Youth Centre

We studied the Youth Centre (2011) in Amsterdam, conceived by Atelier Kempe Thill. The limited budget played a critical role, guiding many design decisions for this multifunctional community center.
For its circular redesign, the budget was not considered, but the main concepts of Atelier Kempe Thill and the essential parts of the plans were maintained and enhanced. For instance, the contrast between the transparent, open, and ‘floating’ ground floor and the high multifunctional space on the first floor is kept intact. However, to make the building more flexible in terms of function, the first floor is opened up. Besides that, the materialization of the building changed to a large extent, with the structure and façade now made of wooden elements.

Students: C. Menegon Nossig, A. Mustafa, W. Mohammed, T.J.B. Wessels 
Lecturer: Jan Schevers

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