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Piushaven Harbor Pavilion

The redesigned building concerns the Piushaven Harbor Pavilion in Tilburg, designed by Civic Architects. The standpoint of circularity has been integrated into a redesign which respects the original building, and resembles aspects of the initial concept which had to be altered due to the costs. A full timber construction provides strength and stability with similar proportions while maintaining potential for demountability. Circular alternatives have been used for vapor retarders and insulation, and a biocomposite finishing is used for the distinct C-profile. This materials is just like the applied flax insulation and OSB vapor barrier biobased and lightweight, and has a long lifespan despite its circular end-of-life potential.

Students: Xu Meuwissen, Ties Pauëlsen, David Meijerink, Hsuan-Lin Lu
Lecturer: Jan Schevers

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