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Master Project | 2021 - 2022


The location of the site is of high importance and could be key in the reduction of car traffic in the city center of Eindhoven. The whole site is lifted, allowing the road alongside the canal to be lowered, and provided the possibility to create a large parking garage of two stories high. The composition of buildings on top of that will be a transition in the neighbourhood where all functions come together, functions such as living, office, workspace, and restaurants, with a total program of over 85 thousand square meters.
The structure of the building is built up in three layers, with all their own hybrid structure. The main challenge of the structure was the large spans on the ground floor and between the second and third layer, which are spans of 29 and 11 meters. Next to the structure, the facades are important elements in the design, where optimization tools are used to find the optimal shape, division, and slanting angle.

Student: Koen Ehren
Tutor: Jan Schevers

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