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Reinterpretation - tea house

The VanAbbe tea-house was designed primarily according to its context, the beautiful green backyard of VanAbbe house, which is surrounded by trees. The main concept of the structure is derived from the refrence project that I was assigned,  Friedricks White House by Glenn Murcutt. In my reinterpretation of the concept, I wanted to create the impression of being surrounded by tall trees, while also experiencing the feeling of shelter. Think of it as if you were in a forest, it rains and the tree’s crowns shelter you. I designed a temporary timber pavillion, which explores the architectural boundaries between the site and the building. I used tall columns of different heights and slanted roof in order to match the triangular shape of the plan. The plan is designed in order to get the visitors to explore the plot as much as possible, for example, in order to get to the entrance you must walk along the trees. There is a main corridor, straight and guided by the window-lights, which is accesible to everyone and guides to visitors toward the exhibition place at the back of the plot, in which they can enjoy the silence of nature

Student: Ruxandra Danetiu
Tutors: Ady Steketee, Christopher Ho

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