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2019 - 2021

Restoring the Flow

This project proposes a new urban landscape, a flowscape, in the space between the dykes of Dordrecht. The flowscape is an urban infrastructure to encourage active recreation among the city’s inhabitants, while at the same time reshaping their perception of water. he natural flow of water is under pressure. Located in a delta with rising sea levels and increasingly heavy rainfalls annually sweeping down from the Alps, Dordrecht  is in serious danger of reliving a scenario like the great flood disaster of 1953. Furthermore, the dykes not only keep out the water but also impede the urban dynamics. Dordrecht has become a broken city, with each of its neighbourhoods confined to its polder and thus isolated from the rest of the city. This project addresses the issue of how to profit from the residual space created by the dyke landscape of Dordrecht.

Student: David Alberto Villegas Rodrigues

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