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Master Project | 2021 - 2022

Sinus Complex

The sinus complex is a 7 storey large-scale building, 45m wide and 70m long with prominent waves in the aluminium panel and louver façade derived from the shape of corrugated sheets – establishing a link with the former industrial area. The building has retail and commercial functions at ground floor level, study and co-working spaces from the 1st up to the 3rd floor. The modified structure for this project consists of vertical timber elements and horizontal concrete beams marking the short ends of the 80 mm thin floor slabs. The use of concrete is kept to a minimum which results in an overall lightweight structure. Timber responds well to tensile forces, whereas concrete’s specialty lies in vibration absorption due to its mass and in its compressive strength. To this composite skeleton, the encompassing walls are added as non-loadbearing insulated elements. In this project, the structural system of the architecture firm Hermann Kaufmann was taken as object for modification. Since the modular connection in the middle axis of the reference building is different through the use of concrete columns and steel connector plates, an attempt was made to develop a system that is coherent in use of materials and connection types.

Student: Eslem Karakoc
Tutor: Jan Schevers

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