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Master Project | 2021 - 2022

SPOLIV Complex

The SPOLIV Complex – short for Sports & Living Complex – is a functionally hybrid building that aims to create an active space and community in a soon-to-be-developed part of Eindhoven’s Kanaaldijk. Two different volumes that intersect create the complex and connect with the environment: a horizontal sports facility and a vertical residential tower. Both volumes featuring roof parks and gardens and are cladded with an active façade where shaders can either move up and down, or open upwards, controlled by the users. This gives the façade a unique appearance every day.
The interior is dominated by the structural system that is designed throughout the building with the concept of being “unconventional”. Timber and concrete form the columns and beams of the structure. Uniquely designed 3D printed concrete beams span the large 33 meters wide hall and glulam columns transfer the loads down to the floors. The large dimensions give the structure a prominent position within the architecture of the building.

Student: Aroy Jaarsma
Tutor: Jan Schevers

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