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Making Space - Tea in the Barn

The pavilion was designed to be a 170 m2 tea house and exhibition space in the garden of the Van Abbe house, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The pavilion is a single-story combined guest and small exposition space. The structure is visible in the design through clean and seamless lines. Furthermore, the shape of the Van Abbe house and the sustainability aspect influenced the façade design.
In timber and glass, with a pushed house roof, the structure uses sustainable and circular building materials inside and out, and deliberately transforms the barn form into something new. The interior is open, minimal and uses a lot of sunlight. Interpreting the city within the city (Aldo van Eyck) to; the house within the house an interesting design element is added to the space.

Student: Réka Márta
Tutors: John Swagten, Nadia Jellouli-Guachati

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