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Master Project | 2021 - 2022

The cardboard/timber market hall

The process of the physical model has been a key part of the development of the building. By focussing on one part of the building, the proportions and different objects could be designed. From this model and the pictures, a building built of cardboard and timber has been developed. First, the proportions have been investigated. The dimensions are determined by two main factors: The position of the ‘mushrooms’ and the distance from the curtain to the cardboard volume.
The incoming daylight through the atria and the curtain and the appearance of the structure throughout the building plays a big role in the experience of the building. Two details are important for the appearance of the building. The first detail of the floor of the roof gives the appearance of the ceiling of the market hall. Inside these timber I beams, a CLT floor is placed. The bottom of the I beam is in sight and makes the ceiling of the market hall. The second detail is how the bottom of the curtain is wrapped around the bottom paper tube. In this paper tube, there is a place for extra weight, this makes the curtain heavier and makes it hang tighter. Next to this the weights also make the curtain less weak to gusts of wind.

Student: Don Marsman
Tutor: Jan Schevers

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