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2019 - 2021

The Global Theatre

The position taken in this thesis is the evolution of the Panopticon as a social apparatus. Viewed as a post-structural metaphor for surveillance, the research argues that the Panopticon, in the hypermodern, is more than a metaphor, rather it is better understood as a virtual theatre framing human behaviour with an applied value. The design follows the ancient intention of the Museum and positions the museum building at the threshold of the hypermodern to stimulate experiential awareness, reflection, and transformation. The architecture is using historic architectonic language, symbolic language, and a new layer of language to render the virtual Panopticon and its virtual behaviors. Altogether, the architectural design engages the notion of space and the museum building is more than a metaphor. It is a system of space, time, and bodies to gather the world in a critique museum as a position to move forward.

Student: Narindath Maraj

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