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The Landscape: the farm of the future in symbiosis with nature

The Netherlands is facing a major crisis regarding intensive agriculture that is based on maximizing control and output. This has resulted in overstretched nature and a countermovement of reification and objectification of nature. By changing the perspective on nature and agriculture a valuable landscape can be created where nature and agriculture are not opponents but intertwined. We can recover our soil and biodiversity and foster the (re)connection of humans with nature that is conceived as lost. 
The proposed design in the Uiterwaarden exemplifies the way the guidelines of the research could be applied to the design of a farm that is part of a nature reservoir. The aim is a farm that enhances the natural landscape, creating ecological, social, and economic value. For the visitor, the design enhances a profound experience of the mingling of nature and cultivation. 

Student: Emma Schoonhoven 
Tutors: Juliette Bekkering, Sergio M. Figueiredo, Mart-Jan Heme

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