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The Layered Pavilion

The Tea Pavilion is an organic shaped building, emphasizing the surrounding nature. Since the environment is mostly sculptured in amorph structures, the pavilion was born as a way of preserving the rhythm and quiet atmosphere of a forest. Fulfilling the functions of tea serving and art exhibiting, the pavilion’s main desire is to enrich the 5 senses: the smelling, through the tea leaves touched by the hot boiling water; the hearing, by the raining drops falling on the dome structure over the tea preparation room; the taste, through the various species of tea; the touch, by feeling the vegetation that surrounds the courtyard and lastly, the eyesight admiring the waves and layers of the roof that create the idea of vertical movement.

Student: Ilinca Florea
Tutors: John Swagten, Nadia Jellouli-Guachati

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