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The Longhouse Kit

European settler arrival unbalanced harmonious Indigenous peoples of Canada way of living. Although Indigenous spirit is still alive – Aboriginals perform traditional rituals, have strong connection with their lands – they are hurt. With suicide rates getting higher every year and fewer people carrying traditional knowledge, it is essential to empower forgotten Indigenous nations. Thus, a building kit was proposed. It is a longhouse-inspired, modular, prefabricated architecture which provides a client an opportunity to design his/her own house through a game-like design process. The kit is further developed to create a community – to create bonds between people and heal from the previous years’ trauma together. It consists of a community center, composed of the same kit parts, as well as three squares, needed for Haudenosaunee rituals. The project empowers Six Nations reserve residents by bringing back Indigenous identity to their lands.

Students: Liucija Simkunaite

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