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Tree O’clock Pavilion

Inspired from nature and the Japanese tea culture, the teahouse combines elements of wood and glass to create harmony between outside and inside, creating a feeling of warmth and safeness. To allow the building to be temporarily located, the structure is made up of modular tree-shaped spaces of 6 by 6 meters that follow the plot’s grid. The floorplan is designed as an open space, with the guest and tea preparation in the center as a ceremony space. Large revolving doors on the outside of the guest room create an inside-outside feeling, while a curtain wall system with crisp horizontal lines on the exterior distinguishes the exhibition. Skylights are strategically placed to guide visitors from the entrance to the tea preparation area.

Student: Oana Maria Roberta Roman
Tutors: John Swagten, Nadia Jellouli-Guachati

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