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2019 - 2021

Urban Comfort Guidebook

People-centered and climate-oriented urbanism – a seemingly unusual combination. This project systematically weighs and integrates the design guidelines from the fields of (1) urban physics, (2) climate adaptation and (3) people-centered urbanism to improve human comfort in the public realm.  The Urban Comfort Guidebook concisely explains the basic principles and design guidelines for urban designers regarding ten included topics.

It makes clashes and synergies between guidelines from the different topics visible and it provides a step-by-step approach that gives guidance during the analysis and design process.  This step-by-step approach is applied to the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam, showing how to combine the theoretical guidelines in practice. The project inspires, educates and invites designers to think along and use their creative freedom to come up with even smarter and more beautiful solutions around the theme of outdoor comfort in the public realm. It challenges the professional world to a new way of working.

Students: Simone Tax

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