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Gaining insight into the long-lasting tradition of observation by walking as an aesthetical and critical experience is the key purpose of  Walkscapes. The key reference of this bachelor course is the term flâneur originally coined by Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) and refers to somebody who observes the city and experiences an actual physical stroll but also is a way of philosophical thinking and a way of seeing/feeling things. Walking for walking sake and not in a hurry to just get from one place to another, but to just experience in the urban cityscape, alleyways, and hidden corners and nooks observing the immediate. Observing by walking has a long historic tradition from Baudelaire’s strolling to the derive of the Situationists. The phenomenon of walking constitutes an autonomous approach to space experience and a primary interpretation of urban culture.

Lecturer: Hüsnü Yegenoglu

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