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Water Machine

The purpose of this research and design is to create a new building (method) where the potential hazard of water is incorporated into the design. It is necessary to reassess the relationship between humans and nature to create a renewed way of coexisting. Lessons regarding this relation can be drawn from vernacular architecture.

The water machine not only responds to the future situation of high water, but it also provides a temporary solution in emergencies where residents, who do not have water-adapted homes, can stay until the water level subsides again. In both scenarios, the building strengthens and enhances the community’s relationship with the water. A building method is created where water is fully integrated into the design, emphasizing the relationship of the building and landscape with the water.

Student: Maartje de Kleijn

Supervisors: Juliette Bekkering, Irene Curulli, Sergio M. Figueiredo, Mark Hemel

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