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2019 - 2021

Wickerwork - The Ensemble in Intermediate Spaces nearby Big Transport Infrastructures in Rotterdam

How can the flâneur perspective inform an architectural design approach of the intermediate size in a landscape dominated by big transport infrastructures? Wickerwork is a poetic approach to the ensemble that uses perspective images of space to reinforce qualities found by the urban wanderer. Wickerwork incorporates the fragmented and heterogeneous city scape of urban fringes into a scenic harmony. It consolidates a vacant site in between the city and the port of Rotterdam. Moreover, Wickerwork stages a scenic route across a barrier of big infrastructure and entangles this route with the local urban fabric and its fine-grained path network. In other words, architecture delivers the zone left behind by the machine to the flâneur and, simultaneously, the flâneur delivers the zone to architecture.

Students: Jasper Brus

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