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Today‚Äôs context of increased hyper digitalisation, globalised networks and extensive extraction-production chains is being challenged through a global climate crisis, diminishing material resources, a global housing shortage as well as events such as the Covid-19 pandemic. The challenges of extensive centralisation become apparent, demonstrating the value of decentralised, self-sufficient systems and the relevance of adaptable strategies, from small to large scale.

The studio XTRA Big House explores the design of self-sufficient community clusters which accommodate novel forms of co-living and co-working. Within this larger framework the student work is centred around the themes of water, makers, food, material and nature. All of these topics are closely linked to the past, present and future of the M4H district, the RDM campus and the extended Makers District. The industrial past and heritage of the sites as well as their future potential are being addressed through varying strategies and investigated by this selection of student work, from pragmatic approaches to the highly speculative.

Lecturers: Juliette Bekering, Cristina Nan

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