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The first year course Structure & Architecture addresses the relation between Structural Design and Architectural Design and how these disciplines can mutually benefit from each other. How can the architectural expression of a building come from the structure and the way that is articulated? How can thinking about the structure be the start of your design, instead of something you try to ‘fix’ in the end?

The course consists of a series of lectures organized around three different construction materials: timber, concrete, and steel. Students participating in the course will design a footbridge three times, using the different materials discussed in the lectures. The design should architecturally express the possibilities that specific material has to offer. This sequence of two-week design exercises results in a series of three physical scale models.

Tutors: Floor van Schie, Jan Schevers, Hajo Schilperoort, Marta Gil Pérez, Ady Steketee, Faas Moonen, Narindath Maraj

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