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As a design project, 120 second-year architecture students investigated how the Albert van Abbehuis might grow in the future in its possibilities as an exhibition space and broaden its activities. Students were asked to respond to the current demand for Artist in Residence spots in Eindhoven and realize them in the Albert van Abbehuis’ s garden. The special plans will be shown with sketches, posters, and models during the 3 days.

Bilderdijklaan 19

Van Abbehuis Coordinator: Tom Veeger

Supervisors: John Swagten, Rik de Bondt, Marah Narindath, Leila Haase, Kristina Buzaite, Mark Hemel, Ady Skeketee, Anouk Raaijmakers, Olivia Guerra Santin, Ferdinand Dornberger, Ruurd Roorda, Shoore Shahnoori

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